FAQ Q: How can I make my account? A: Choose your plan and Choose the services you want from us and moreover Register your details on sign up page. and your account will be checked and activated by Abhyudaya Darpan team within 24hours. Q: How can I login to my account? A: Enter your membership ID or mobile number and password to login. Q: How can I refer members under my ID? A: Option 1: Referring member can provide his details to you and you can directly add from your account in "Genealogy" option (Register Member) and submit the form on his behalf. Option 2: New member can sign up under the Referring your membership ID. i.e. Ad001/ Ad002 Q: If I add a member with a Gold / any other plan, can I add the member with different plan? A: Yes, you can. However benefit will be given to you basis your plan subscription. Q: Can I add a member with lower plan under my ID? A: No, you need to add other members equal to or more than your plan. Q: How will I receive my payment? A: Payment will be sent only in the account details given at the time of registration and payment must be made from the same account. Q: My money will be refunded in how many days? A: Within 7 days of completion of Level 1.